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Are you going on holiday ?

Maybe you are travelling away on business ? Everything sorted ?

Tickets - Check

Taxi to airport - Check

Travel Insurance - OOPS !!!

Travel Insurance is a very important part of going abroad today. In fact you shouldn’t go Without it. But where do you get the best deal ? Who can you trust ?

At Stephenson and Threader it’s important that you not only get a great deal, but 

that you get Quality Tailored Single trip or Annual Cover that covers all of the bases.

To meet the above criteria we have partnered with Just Travel which as the name 

suggests are a company that only provide Travel Cover. 100% specialists.

By using their very friendly online form you get walked through step by step the 

process to ensure that you get exactly the right cover for any costs for unforeseen 

emergencies whilst you are abroad. If you have pre-existing medical conditions it 

also saves you any embarrassment having to tell another person. Very easy to do.


Top tip : Your policy docs can be printed and sent, however if you have your email

address or mobile number to hand you can have a text sent to you with emergency 

policy info or by email full info to save you carrying bulky docs with you.


But it gets better. By using the online service you save a £10 admin fee,  

payable if you apply over the phone or in our offices. That is money in your pocket to spend on your trip. 


To apply simply click on the button below to be taken to The Just Travel Secure Page. You will be leaving our site so please read the message at the bottom of this page. Thank you for calling by and enjoy your trip.

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Stephenson & Threader are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ) reference number 301973 and as such you are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. we have negotiated a facility with a leading Travel insurance Specialist Just Insurance Agents Ltd ( FCA number 610022 and the link on this page will transfer you from our web-site ( this one ) to theirs. Your rights as a consumer remain unaffected.